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The 50 Best Shopify Apps

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As you may have noticed, a few weeks ago we launched our new App on Shopify App Store. Shopify App Store is a marketplace for Shopify store owners and eCommerce entrepreneurs where they can discover and test amazing Apps that … Continue Reading

Flashchat Joins WordPress Marketplace

Flashchat Joins WordPress Marketplace

Open source WordPress is the most popular online publishing platform, as it is now powering more than 28% of the web. WordPress Marketplace is a list of more than 56,000 active plugins, that help WordPress users build meaningful experiences online. … Continue Reading

Things we Can Learn from 25 Successful Shopify Stores

Things we Can Learn from 25 Successful Shopify Stores

1. LUNA Sandals What is it? LUNA Sandals is a Shopify store that sells adventure sandals online. All sandals are designed and handcrafted in Seattle (USA).   What can we learn from it? What is really interesting about this online store … Continue Reading

eCommerce Trends 2018

eCommerce Trends in 2018 (And Why you Can’t Ignore Them)

eCommerce trends. Every eCommerce business is trying to follow the latest trends and stay up-to-date in an effort to be more competitive. With the rise of AI, Chatbots, Augmented Reality and other emerging technologies, the eCommerce industry is changing forever. … 724-590-8532


Why is eCommerce Copywriting Important? Before we get into details about eCommerce copywriting, it would be useful to understand why copywriting is so important, especially when it comes to eCommerce. Here is why you need good copy for your eCommerce … 760-774-8555

Flashchat Joins Magento Marketplace


We are happy to announce that Flashchat joins Magento Marketplace, the official Magento extension store built to provide solutions to online retailers. Now, you may be wondering: Why is this important? Glad you asked! Just keep reading and you’ll find … Continue Reading

Introducing Flashchat Partner Program


As you probably have noticed, Flashchat is growing. This is why we’ve decided to launch Flashchat Partner Program. A program that helps freelancers and agencies accelerate and scale up their businesses. The program was launched a few days ago and is … 812-556-1467

Cart Recovery Checklist [Featured Image]

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Cart recovery. One of the most important aspects of modern E-commerce. It is in fact that cart abandonment is one of the most common problems among online retailers. If you run an online store, then chances are that you have … Continue Reading

WooCommerce Coupons

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Can WooCommerce Coupons help you optimize the performance of your online store? According to WooCommerce, there are more than 47,039,779 downloads of the infamous E-commerce platform as of June 2018. In addition, WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores. … Continue Reading

How to Increase your Sales Conversion Rate (4 Tips for Shopify Store Owners)


Every Shopify store owner should focus on increasing sales conversion rate for their online store. The truth though is that converting traffic (especially cold traffic!) into sales is extremely difficult. This is happening because most of your first-time visitors are not … Continue Reading